Jotter Quick Start Training

Short videos explaining the essentials of working with Jotter. Great for basic training or a refresher.

  • Site (add a picture slideshow, text box with hyperlink to a file, add and manage pages and menus)
  • Admin (new users and giving apps to user Role)
  • Calendar (adding events)



These videos explain:

  • How to log in, add a upload pictures to a slideshow
  • Add a textbox with a hyperlink to a file for download (useful for policy documents and so on)
  • How to add and edit pages and organise the menus

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Jotter uses an account and roles system. This means users must have an account which is assigned to a role. For example user jsmith has a Teacher role.

Roles can be given access to different apps (e.g. Site or Calendar) at different levels (e.g. only view the calendar or add entries).

These videos show:

  • How to add a user and assign to a User Role
  • How to give different Roles access to different apps

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How to add, edit or delete an event to a calendar.

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